Galvano-forming Components

Galvano-T GmbH has been manufacturing excellent components for over 30 years by utilizing electroplating and electroforming techniques. Our customers have always appreciated the flat hierarchy of our medium-sized company that allows them to communicate their wishes and issues directly to the people in charge. This website will allow you to learn more about us and the advantages of electroplating and electroforming.


Take a closer look at what we can do for you. If you have any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us. We thrive to make possible what others deem impossible.

The following is a partial list of recurring products. 

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Typical applications and processes are described here. The list is not exhaustive. Contact us if you have any questions about further applications.

Thin-Walled Structures

Thin-walled components of 0,5 mm or less are challenging to process in mechanical manufacturing. Electroplating, however, provides a simple procedure that creates thin-walled structures without hassle.

Variable Cooling Systems

Manufacturing cooling systems by employing the means of electro-plating has many advantages and allows the crafting of complex structures in many different renditions.

The Use of Cores in Galvano-Forming

Applications of cores in galvano-forming are manifold and especially interesting when conventional methods hit a technical or economical wall.

Galvano-T materials

Mainly copper and nickel are of interest for our processes.


Copper in the raw state


Nickel in the raw state

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