HE 11 Waveguides

For the transmission of the power of millimeter waves into the megawatt range it needs oversized waveguides to avoid arcing. To reduce transmission loss (caused by wall currents) grooved waveguides are being used (wall tension instead of wall currents).

Since the fundamental wave (HE 11) is only slightly damped an additional dampening layer is added to reduce further arcing of higher modes.

HE 11 Waveguide

In a collaborative effort between the institute of plasma physics in Stuttgart and Galvano-T a multilayered grooved waveguide was developed that is also inexpensive to manufacture.

To create the highly precise inner contour an aluminum pipe was turned to mirror the grooves of the waveguide (negative shape). Since the galvanic layer is an exact negative of the base shape the inner contour of the waveguide can be created precisely.
The false mode dampening Ni/P layer (at least 30µm thick) is fortified with a 2-6 mm thick copper layer.
To get an offset free connection to other waveguides fits were turned into their ends.
After the aluminum main body is etched out the waveguide gets treated with a special cleaning procedure and is ready to use.

We are currently manufacturing components with the following dimensions:
Length: 2000 mm (2800 mm are possible with our current ressources)
Inner diameter: 23-90 mm

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