Variable Cooling Systems

Manufacturing cooling systems by employing the means of electro-plating has many advantages and allows the crafting of complex structures in many different renditions.

Advantages of galvanic cooling systems:
• Variable channel geometry (in size, length, and shape)
• Common thicknesses: 0,1 and 10 mm or more
• Applicable in high vacuum
• Leak rates of less than 10 mbar x l/s, even with slim layers
• Manufacture of complex channel pathways by milling, erasure or etching
• Mechanical strength properties of the base material and the plated copper stay the same, because our electrolytes work at room temperature (no heat input)

How does the manufacture of galvanic cooling systems work?

1.) Channels get milled, eroded, or etched into the base plate.
2.) The channels completely get filled with wax.
3.) The surplus wax gets removed.
4.) The wax remains only inside the cooling channels. The surfacing wax needs to be made electrically conductive now.
5.) The surface of the cooling system gets activated and afterwards plated with copper or nickel until the desired layer thickness has been reached.
6.) After plating the wax is removed from the channels the cooling system can go into further mechanical processing.


Advantages of galvano-t

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