Galvanic Joining of Components

Do you want to join two components into one functional unit but conventional joining methods like soldering, welding and press joining don’t meet your expectations?

Galvanic joining might be what you’re looking for.

1.) NO heat input (process happens at room temperature)
2.) Constructive process (excesses can be skimmed or milled off)
3.) Compatible with UHV (Ultra High Vacuum)

1.) Galvanic joining often takes several days
2.) Components need to be preprocessed
3.) Electrolytes are usually corrosive, therefore all surfaces that aren’t supposed to get plated need to be covered carefully

Galvanic Joining of Components
Galvanic Joining of Components

How does galvanic joining work?

As usual in electroplating the process is closely connected to the materials that need to be joined. Stainless steel components, for example, need a different treatment than copper components. If two different materials need to be joined the process gets even more complex.

Whatever the material, every part of the surface that isn’t supposed to get plated, needs to get covered carefully. Afterwards the exposed surface must be degreased and pickled, and the rest of the preprocessing can follow. Stainless steel for example often gets plated with a Nickel Strike
layer before the actual coating (usually copper) is added on top. To apply that top layer the components either get galvanized inside one of our baths or we attach miniature baths to them that are then filled with electrolyte. This allows us to plate objects that are too big to fit into our galvanic baths or can’t be immersed in electrolyte for other reasons.

Projects in which we made use of galvanic joining
• Joining of stainless-steel connectors to copper baseplates
• Appliance of corner plates to a base plate
• Reinforcement of preexisting welding seams

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Advantages of galvano-t

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