Thermal Elements

There are different methods to tell the temperature in everyday life. From mercury to alcohol-based thermometers, liquid crystal foils or electric devices with specific temperature sensors.

Operating temperature ends with most devices at around 400 °C. And there is also the challenge of measuring the temperature at one specific point.

Thermal Element

A thermal element is a combination of two dissimilar metals or metal alloys. Those get welded or soldered at their contact point where an electro motoric force forms as a result. This force is proportional to the occurring temperature.

Conventional thermal elements prove to have two main downsides: The expensive manufacturing process and the indirect placement on the surface.
Galvanic thermal elements are a much more elegant method to those problems. Thin NiCr wires were placed on a aluminum base shape. After preprocessing, the aluminum body got plated with 2 mm of nickel while the wire ends were incorporated seamlessly into the galvanic layer.

The aluminum body got etched out leaving behind a conical nickel skin with 25 NiCr wires plated into it that make up just as many thermal elements and allowed an optimal measurement of temperature distribution.

This method allows us to install several measuring points in a very small area with only one derivation. A combination of constantan and copper is also possible.

Advantages of galvano-t

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