500 Mhz Cavity

Highfrequency resonators are used in particle accelerators for fundamental research as well as in the instustry. These resonators (cavities) accelerate charged particles (like electrons, protons or ions) through their electromagnetic fields to a higher energy level for experiments; or they equate the particles’ losses of energy of their orbital paths (synchrotron radiation).

High-frequency currents heat the resonator walls due to ohmic losses; therefore, adequate cooling is needed. A conventional way to create a cooling system would entail soldering copper pipes unto the resonator.

Higher requirements on the resonator’s cooling performance and temperature stability demand a cooling system that covers the resonator’s surface completely and also has a better heat dissipation on the highly tumultuous currents of the cooling water.
Galvano-forming allows us to craft a cooling jacket which meets all requirements. There is no thermal strain, and the cooling system is integrated seamlessly into the cavity’s body.

The structure of the channel is formed out of wax profiles that get positioned unto the cavity. Exact cross sections, as well as wide and variable cooling channels can be realized with this technique.

After applying a conductive layer over the wax parts and putting mechanically preprocessed connectors in place, the whole system gets plated until a thick copper deposition has formed (in this case 3 mm).

The copper layer has fantastic mechanical properties which increases the cavity’s stability. The wax gets removed from the cooling channels after the procedure.

Advantages of galvano-t

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