Heat Exchanger

In continually produced scraped heat exchangers that get used by the foodstuffs industry pipes with a high grade of dimensional accuracy as well as corrosion resistance and thermal conductivity are needed.

Electroplated nickel fulfills all those needs fantastically. Galvano-T produces nickel pipes in all kinds of lengths and scopes by electroplating.
For this we cover a plexigass core that has the right scope with an electrically conductive layer and plate nickel unto it.
Coating strengths of up to 10 mm and more are possible. These pipes are very accurate in their dimensions and offer an even radial hardness that similar drawn or seam welded pipes can’t.

In relation to steel, nickel is more resistant to corrosion and has better thermal conductivity. To avoid transgression of nickel into the ice cream the pipes get finely honed and plated with a 100 µm layer of hard chrome.

The pipes either get delivered with a smooth surface or lined with grooves (bigger area of contact).
Premade flanges can also be galvanized unto the pipe adhesively, a procedure undertaken with several types of pipes.

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